It’s the last 10 days to see my show “Fabrications in Clay” at the Brandon Artists Guild.

I would much rather be working on some new pieces but I am determined to get this website up and running. I find it interesting that I find this so difficult!  My latest theory is that most web designers are men and they think differently than women. Building a website may be “so easy” for them, but it’s counter-intuitive somehow to me.

I had a very developed Joomla website for ShapeShiftas that got a virus and had to be taken down. I’m building this site with WordPress, which to me isn’t any easier. Maybe it will be after I work with it more??! Wish me luck.

Anyway, I think I figured out how to blog now and am looking forward to reviving Pillow Talk. I still like the name, and since I always blogged about more than pillows, I’m keeping it. Stay tuned for further updates.

peace, Deborah