I am very pleased to be a part of this group show at the Chaffee Art Center in Rutland, VT. People will know of the Chaffee family because of the well-known Olympic skier, Susie (Chapstick) Chaffee. The gallery is housed in their former home, a magnificent building constructed in 1896. Click here to learn more about the building and the mission of the Chaffee.

When I dropped off my pieces for the show, I was treated to a tour of the building, including the yet-to-be-restored top floor ballroom and what were servants’ quarters. Returning director Jim Boughton is bringing a new excitement for the facility and the programming and will be installing a cafe and gift shop and adding workshops and performance events to the schedule.

This show will present 2- and 3-D works by the artist members of the Chaffee. The opening reception will be September 28 from 5-7 and is open to the public. I’ll be showing pieces from my Amber collection, including a new box that I am particularly excited about.